While living in the Canadian Rockies between 2016 and 2018, I developed an interest in photography. I enrolled myself in an online diploma program and obtained my photography diploma in 2020. I primarily focus on bird photography but below are examples of other genres I enjoy: 


Night sky



Check out my Instagram page for recent photos! (Spoiler alert- mostly bird photos)  @ talexmoore



I have enjoyed kayaking since trying it at summer camp many years ago- its a great form of exercise and a unique way to enjoy exploring outdoors! 


Kayking in Nova Scotia 

Kayaking in Cuba! 


In 2019 I picked up birding as a hobby. Armed with an old bridge camera and no knowledge of bird species or behavior, I started photographing and keeping track of birds that I saw in the back yard. 

Then Covid-19 arrived... 

With my place of employment shut down and my university courses being taught online, I quickly found that meeting fellow birders in the early morning hours along the trails in Ontario was my only form of human interaction. That combined with the birding community on Facebook really helped me get through the toughest part of the pandemic. 

Fast forward to 2024- upgrades to my camera gear, experience working with editing software, a growing knowledge and respect for bird behavior, and over 250 species photographed have really taken my birding hobby to the next level. Its more than just watching birds- it has helped me make the most of my early mornings, develop a higher level of patience, benefit my physical and mental health, and provide me with an activity that is safe, fulfilling, and something I'll hopefully be able to do for a long time! 

The image carousel to the left displays a few of my favorite photographs from the past few years! 


My YouTube Channel 

As a personal project, I've started making YouTube videos about birding and nature photography. 

Since graduating from NSCC COGS, I've published 27 videos (and counting) that showcase my birding adventures. I've recorded content from Ontario, Nova Scotia, Cuba, California, and Punta Cana. I also purchased a drone (and acquired my license) which allows me to include beautiful footage from the air! 

Check out my channel (click the round YouTube icon to the left!) 

Making Maps! 

I always loved maps- I had maps on my wall as posters when I was a kid and I've loved looking at maps before Google Maps even existed. With my GIS skills, I've developed a love for making maps and working with satellite imagery. Below is an Esri ArcGIS Story Map that I made as a personal project where I created a map for the places I've lived and visited throughout my life! 

Skiing at Lake Louise, Alberta - 2017


I've been skiing casually since I was 5 years old! 

Still something I love to do in the winter months. 


In 2023, I started playing pickleball in a local recreation league. Its been so fun to play with friends & family, and has been a great form of exercise.

Playing Pickleball in Punta Cana, 2023