Courses at COGS

This page lists the courses I completed and software used to obtain my GIS Graduate Certificate at NSCC COGS (2022-2023).

First term

September 2022 - December 2022

GDAA - 1000: Fundamentals of Spatial Data Analytics 

PROG - 5000: Programming Fundamentals for Geographic Sciences

REMS - 5001: Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing

GISY - 5003: Spatial Database Management 

GISY - 5004: Fundamentals of GIS 

GEOM - 5005: Geodesy, GPS and Geosensors

Second term

January 2023 - April 2023

GDAA - 2040: Spatial Analysis and Geostatistics 

GISY - 6020: Advanced GIS 

GISY - 6021: Information Systems 

REMS - 6023: Advanced Digital Image Processing (Elective #1) 

REMS - 6085: LiDAR Systems and Processing (Elective #2) 

REMS - 6090: LiDAR Applications (Extra Class) 

Third term

May 2023

6400: Capstone Research Project 

Overall Average at COGS: 88.4% (not including GISY - 6400 Capstone Research Project) 

Overall Average at Lakehead University: 86.1%

Geomatics Software Used at COGS (and beyond)

Software provided for course work: 

--- Includes 2D, 3D maps, layouts, model builder, scripting, raster functions, geoprocessing tools, animations, numerous extensions

--- Includes other Esri applications such as Field Maps, Survey123, QuickCapture, Story Maps, Dashboards, Experience Builder

---- Includes MicroStation, Terra Scan, Terra Match, Context Capture,

--- includes Oracle Cloud, PL SQL, Oracle Apex

--- includes Focus, OrthoEngine

--- includes Google Earth Engine, Google Earth Pro, Google Sites

--- includes Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Sharepoint, Teams, Excel

Other software used for projects not provided by COGS: 

Software used since graduating (as of November, 2023):