This website serves as a portfolio for myself, Alex Moore! At the top are links to different pages: 

Papers, Projects, & Posters 

Below is a selection of projects from NSCC COGS and Lakehead University 

Formal LiDAR Report 


Report in HTML Form


Capstone Research Paper - Lakehead University


Cluster Analysis Story Map 

Flood Simulation Video 


-- Created in ArcGIS Pro & Davinci Resolve 

Typical University Paper - Lakehead University 

An Expository Review of Biodiesel Usage, Production and Potential in Canada

Solar Panel Locations using LiDAR Data 

Satellite Imagery Enhancement 

Change Detection with LiDAR Data

Visibility and Distance Analysis

Cluster Analysis Map


Personal Project: Kentville Flood Simulation

Capstone Research Project (Includes Demos)

This project was my final project at COGS- it includes recorded demos of me using ArcGIS Pro ! 

MaxEnt Habitat Suitability Map 

For one of my side projects within the MSc program at Acadia University, I chose to learn about suitability modeling by taking something I love (birds), and generating a map for potential bird habitat locations in King's County (where I'm from). Thanks to the folks at AGRG, who allowed me to work on this project with them, and proved to be a great resource for guidance and assistance. 

First term & End of year goal papers


Esri Online E-Training Certificates 

If I include the E-training videos (which do not award certificates), I'm currently at 60+ hours of training and counting. I've also completed several Esri MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) that cover topics like imagery analysis, climate change, AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction), and spatial analysis! 

ESRI Certificates